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English Sporting Life in Virginia

Theodore DeBry c. 1616

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Theodore Debry Engravings

[Click Here] Their Manner of Fishing in Virginia   

*This location today in North Carolina




[Click Here] How Sentinels are Punished for Sleeping


[Click Here] A Chief Lady of Pomeiooc

[Click Here] How the Natives Collect Gold in the Streams


[Click Here] Offering the Skin of a Stag to the Sun

[Click Here] Exercising of the Youths

[Click Here] Burial Ceremonies for a Chief or a Priest

[Click Here] Murder of the Frenchman Pierre Gambie'

[Click Here]

[Click Here] The Town of Secota

[Click Here] The Princes of Virginia

[Click Here] Captian Smith is saved by Pocohontas

[Click Here] One of the Chief Ladies of Secota

[Click Here] The Widows Approach the Chief

[Click Here] How they Treat Their Sick

[Click Here] How They Till the Soul and Plant

[Click Here] Storing Their Crops in the Public Granary

[Click Here] Bringing in Wild Animals, Fish, and other Stores

[Click Here] Drying Meat, Fish, and other Food

[Click Here] Preparing for a Feast

[Click Here] A Council of State

[Click Here]

[Click Here] A Fortified Village


[Click Here] An Aged Man in His Winter Garment

[Click Here] The Town of Pomeiooc

[Click Here] Their Manner of Praying with Rattles About the Fire

[Click Here] Their Sitting at Meat

[Click Here] Their Seething of Their Meate in Earthen Pots

[Click Here] The Manner of Making Their Boats

[Click Here] The Conjurer

[Click Here]

[Click Here] Captain Gosnold Trades with the Indians

[Click Here]

[Click Here] The Queen-Elect is Brought to the King

[Click Here] The Sacrifice of First-Born Children

[Click Here] Trophies and Ceremonies After a Victory

[Click Here] How They Declare War

[Click Here] Outina's Order of March

[Click Here] Saturiba Goes to War

[Click Here] Outina Defeats Potanou


[Click Here] Outina Consults a Sorcerer

[Click Here] They Reach Port Royal

[Click Here] The Natives Worship the Column Erected by the Commander

[Click Here] The French Arrive in Florida


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[Click Here]

[Click Here]

[Click Here]

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