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Yep, thats right.  Penguins and Parrots once roamed the Old North State.  

First off, according to this definiton, Carolina parakeets are rightly called "parrots," being nearly a foot long and much larger than than a pet store 'parakeet' you may imagine.  North Carolina's swamp and mountain forests were filled with these beautiful birds well into the 19th century.



Below, less numerous than the Carolina parakeet, but still around, is a report of

Razor Billed 'Auks' -- penguins in my opinion -- found at Cape Lookout, N.C. in 1890.



 Click above to a reference to Auks being found at Cape Lookout in 1890





On a seperate note, a great reference here by Alexander Wilson

to the Carolina Parakeets at Big Bone Lick in Kentucky in 1840

At Big Bone Lick, thirty miles above the mouth of Kentucky River, I saw them in great numbers. They came screaming through the woods in the morning, about an hour after sunrise, to drink the salt water, of which they, as well as the Pigeons, are remarkably fond. When they alighted on the ground, it appeared at a distance as if covered with a carpet of the richest green, orange, and yellow: they afterwards settled, in one body, on a neighboring tree, which stood detached from any other, covering almost every twig of it, and the sun, shining strongly on their gay and glossy plumage, produced a very beautiful and splendid appearance. Here I had an opportunity of observing some very particular traits of their character: Having shot down a number, some of which were only wounded, the whole flock swept repeatedly around their prostrate companions, and again settled on a low tree, within twenty yards of the spot where I stood. At each successive discharge. though showers of them fell, yet the affection of the survivors seemed rather to increase; for, after a few circuits around the place, they again alighted near me, looking down on their slaughtered companions with such manifest symptoms of sympathy and concern, as entirely disarmed me. I could not but take notice of the remarkable contrast between their elegant manner of flight, andtheir lame and crawling gait among the branches.



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Penguins and Parrots in North Carolina?


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